Healthy powdered peanut butter…

I keep forgetting to share this news. When I was teaching in Sarasota, FL, the ladies there shared with me a sample of a peanut butter that has 75% less fat. It was pretty tasty! Not as wonderful as full-fat peanut butter, but close. It’s called PB2 and you can find it online at Bell Plantation.

There are other good things on that site but I haven’t tried them.
As long as I’m sharing food news… my home-made granola recipe is attached below. It’s a Word document that I hope most of you can open. I eat my granola with non-fat, plain yogurt. I strain my yogurt to make it thicker. That’s not hard to do… just let the yogurt sit on cheesecloth suspended over a bowl (use a rubber band to hold the cheesecloth up) and let the liquid drain off. Your very own Greek-style yogurt!
FYI – I use whole flax seed in the granola. I do grind up a healthy spoonful of flax seed each morning and sprinkle it over my bowl. It has a nutty taste that I like a lot.


4 thoughts on “Healthy powdered peanut butter…

  1. hi becky!thanks so much for the granola recipe. i have one that i have been using but am always looking for new ones. i am making a wedding cake in september and they want a cheesecake too with a granola crust so am trying new recipes to see what tastes best.i really appreciate your blogs and read all of them even tho i might not reply!have a great weekend!love, carla from minnesota


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