The younger version…

My husband has always liked this photo of me. He took it when we were both 22 in 1978. It’s funny that this old photo is so similar to the new picture that I posted on May 28 showing the new hairdo. Steve says I still look the same. Isn’t he sweet! I, however, can see the difference time has made. 

Right now I’m not unhappy with the changes time has wrought. I do wonder, though, what I’m going to think when I look at myself in my 80’s. My grandmother told me (when she was about 95) that looking in the mirror always gave her a shock. She felt a lot younger on the inside than she was on the outside. As a consequence she didn’t look in the mirror much—which seems like a decent solution to me!

2 thoughts on “The younger version…

  1. That IS a lovely pic. One of the great blessings of my life as I get older and after my mother passed is that as mornings go by, I come to see her looking back at me in the mirror each morning.


  2. You DO look the same 🙂 Just as pretty in the new picture as in the old one. It shows that it pays to exercise and take care of yourself.You’ve inspired me!


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