Unintended consequences…

My studio wall is finished – oh happy day! There is still work to do outside, but that is waiting a few days.

I learned new things on this remodel. We upgraded the windows in our house 12 years ago — from single-pane aluminum windows to double-pane metal/vinyl windows. Windows have changed since then. The window that seemed to be the best choice this time was an energy-efficient, wood, double-hung window. Very nice, works like a charm. Except that when I looked close, I realized that the window itself fills the whole space. There is no room to mount blinds inside the window frame.
We have 2″ inside-mount blinds everywhere in the house but that isn’t going to work in this window. Oh my. That’s when it dawned on me that the small window, the door, and the big window are on the same wall and they all need the same (or very similar) window treatment and the thing I like the most isn’t going to work on the door or the big window.
So, yesterday I went to Lowe’s and special ordered “paper” shades. I really hope I love them because they cost enough that they’re going to be there for quite a while. FYI – There is a cool innovation in shade technology – the no cord option! Hard to explain, but if you need shades, be sure to check it out.
I sat down to work later in the morning and realized something else… my new computer has a very glossy screen. My new window lets in a lot more light – just exactly as it is supposed to. Oh my – the glare on the computer screen is not good. I turned down the brightness on the screen and I taped fabric up on the window and door. It helped some but I am really looking forward to the arrival of the new shades!
Steve came home from lunch and mentioned that he had seen an anti-glare film made for computer screens. Yes, in fact there is a film and it comes cut to fit an iMac! So the need for more light in the studio combined with the new computer screen led to the need for a way to cut down on the light in the studio. Unintended consequences…

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