A Quilt on a Barn!

We got an email this morning from Heather Ladick. Here’s what she said:

“I am a quilt shop owner in Cynthiana, KY. I wanted to drop you both a note to tell you that one of your quilt patterns is forever immortalized on a barn. In our state, we have a tourism project where people are painting quilt blocks on 8′ x 8′ plywood and hanging them on barns. It has become so very popular and all our counties in the state participate. It is such a treat to drive and find a new one on a barn.

I do some painting myself on the side and have completed a few of these in our area. Last winter I had a customer come in who wanted a block to commemorate their family’s retirement from a greenhouse business they owned for over 45 years. Do you know which pattern they picked, of all the quilts, blocks, books, and magazines in the shop?

Well, I just wanted to pass along this photo to you both. They are so honored to have such a beautiful quilt in place, but really, all credit should be to both of you for the creation of such a lovely pattern. The owners of the greenhouse, now in their 90s, were so touched and happy when their children hung the block on their barn.

Thank you for your inspiration that reached far.”

Wow! We are so honored to have one of our quilts up there for all to see! Thank you, Heather, for sharing this wonderful story with us! 

BTW – The name of our quilt is Briar Rose and it was first published as a stand-alone pattern. Later it was included in our book, Flowering Favorites, which is currently out of print.

2 thoughts on “A Quilt on a Barn!

  1. It looks great! They do this same thing in Ohio too…at least several counties in Southern Ohio do. It’s very cool to drive thru the countryside and spy a big quilt block up on the side of a barn! And this one looks fantastic!


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