The new fabric is here!

I’m old enough that even as I wrote the title to this post I could hear Steve Martin in my head saying “the new phone book’s here, the new phone book’s here!” I think I watch too many movies :-). But enough of that.

Our new fabric, Elanor’s Picnic, has indeed arrived. Linda and Paul have been busily cutting and preparing kits and fat quarters. I got the web pages built. We are ready to ship! Click to go to the first of the fabric pages or go to our home page which has also changed. We hope you like this fabric as much as we do. We think that it may be our best fabric yet!

I could write a lot more about the fabric here, but it’s all on the web pages. FYI – We’re not going to send out an eNewsletter about the new fabric until late August or early September. P&B is in the middle of re-printing more fabric and we want to be able to re-stock before we send the eNewsletter. What this means is that you who read our blog are being notified first! 

Let me revise that… Since I posted this entry earlier today we have been notified by P&B that the next group of fabric is here. So the eNewsletter is going out tomorrow. But you did hear about it here first! 

Happy quilting!

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