Day Two – Glacier Bay

Tuesday we sailed into Glacier Bay. The weather is gray and rainy with temperatures in the 40s F. I wondered if the glaciers would look blue under gray skies and I’m happy to report that glacier ice is blue whether the sky is blue or not!

We spent a good part of the day looking at the Lamplugh (above) and Margorie (below) glaciers. We watched ice fall off into the water… it was cool to watch but I couldn’t help but wish it would stay put. The glaciers are melting so quickly these days.

The food onboard is good. The fish (mostly salmon and halibut) is terrific! It’s hard to resist dessert when it is offered at every meal so I gave up and have not been resisting.

The one mishap that we’ve had this trip happened as I was glacier-watching. As I said, it was rainy. I had my new iPhone in my jacket pocket. My hands were in and out of my pockets and I didn’t think it was happening, but a tiny bit of water got in there with my iPhone. Oh my. I killed it. I have to go home and hook it up to my computer to verify it, but I truly think my iPhone is dead. I have apple-care, but it doesn’t cover water damage.

My dear husband said not to worry, it wasn’t as if he’d never made a costly mistake so I should just treat this as a learning experience and move on. So – let me share with you all that even a few drops of water in the right place can wick into an iPhone. I will carry a baggie from now on to put my new phone in at the slightest hint of water. FYI – being too hot or too cold can kill one too.

1 thought on “Day Two – Glacier Bay

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