The Quilt Camp at Sea Alaskan Cruise was wonderful!

The seas were a little bouncy and there was a lot of fog on our last day at sea. But it was relaxing to have no where to go and nothing much planned. I don’t relax much when I’m home because there is always something that needs doing!

The most formal formal dinner was Friday night. Even the chairs dressed up! FYI – the food on the cruise was really good. The fish was just about the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m going to miss having dessert after every meal but my pants were getting tight so it’s good that that part is over.

We docked for a few hours Saturday evening in Victoria B.C. We got off the ship and walked around a bit. We bought a CD (Gungwa – Bridging the Waters) from a band playing on the street. It’s Zimbabwean Roots Music which sounds sort of Jamaican to me. It’s good! 

Steve bought a stuffed giardia at a shop… he’s a biologist you know. Giardia is a protozoan that you can get if you drink un-purified water. His is blue. Steve has had giardia before so he felt a special bond with this fellow.

Friday evening the sky was clear and Steve took this lovely photo.

We got home last night. I couldn’t post to the blog while I was on the ship so I’ve posted everything today. If you want to read about the cruise in order, go down a few posts and read up.

Here is what I’ve learned:

Quilting cruises are great fun! Quilters are good travel companions. Holland America is a fine cruise line. For more info, go to the the Quilt Camp at Sea website.

Dramamine (the less-drowsy version) works. I liked it better than the patch.

Cruising is a good way to see a very scenic part of Alaska.

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