Sewing with Elanor…

I downloaded this pillow pattern from Amy Butler. Scroll way down the page to find this one. A friend made a couple of them. You know how little girls are… Elanor saw them and wanted to make one herself. I said “later”. She remembers these things so later turned into today!

I didn’t keep the pattern so we drew a similar one. Elanor and I picked out fabric. She especially wanted to use some big dots for the eyes. Notice that one eye is bigger than the other? That’s Elanor. I was skeptical but it looks way better than if she had made both eyes the same. The girl is good!
I got the mini Boden catalog in the mail recently. It has the cutest kids clothes you’ve ever seen! We bought some for Elanor, but couldn’t buy them all. However, Lorna was inspired to add some fused applique to some of Elanor’s plainer t-shirts. 
Lorna had not fused before but, as many of you know, it’s an easily acquirable skill. We both spent some time sewing around the edges of the applique with a straight stitch to ensure that everything stays stuck. I didn’t get a picture of Elanor modeling, but I will soon. The shirts turned out very well!
While we girls were working, Jack was doing what babies do. He napped a bit, he ate, he drooled like a fountain. We were in my studio and when he wasn’t playing with the cat toys or trying to get into the electronics, he played with spools of thread. I had to keep an eye on him to be sure the thread stayed locked on the spools. Didn’t want him to eat a bunch of un-spooled thread.
Eventually he settled on this one big spool of blue thread. By the time I got it back the thread was more than damp. I won’t be sewing with this. This is now Jack’s spool.

2 thoughts on “Sewing with Elanor…

  1. Ella gets impatient with her wants sometimes…I was going to make one with her around her birthday :(. Now, what do I do? I guess she’s going to get a Celia-made skirt or bag instead :). I miss those little kiddos!


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