My son the chef!

Our youngest son, Jeff (23, working on a PhD in biostatistics at John Hopkins), cooks. This is not unusual in our family since my husband is the cook in our house. I make desserts but you cannot live on dessert alone. He does the grocery shopping too. I am a very lucky woman!

Back to the story of the day. The biostat department at JH has an annual chili cook-off. Jeff is for sure the only Texan in that department and so felt honor-bound to win that chili cook-off with real Texas chili. He got his dad’s recipe, added 3 new ingredients, and came away with the prize – a sombrero! It is his to wear until next year. His father is very proud.

1 thought on “My son the chef!

  1. I am wandering through quilter blogs and saw that your son is at JHU. My oldest son is a freshman at JHU studying biology. Small world. Congrats to Jeff for winning the chili cook off!!!


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