A collection of enamel coffee pots…

I am reminded over and over again that more can be better. Especially when it comes to collecting. For example, one enameled coffee pot on top of a cabinet would just look lonely. But put several together and they look great! I took saw these at my friend Jackie’s house and it made me realize that I have never given the humble enamel coffee pot it’s due.

Repetition is good. That’s why piecing together multiples of the same quilt block works so well. There is harmony in repetition. 

But, that said, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Imagine a kitchen with so many enameled coffee pots that every surface is covered with them. That would not be harmonious – it would make you crazy! That’s why having a design wall is so important in quilting. I always put my blocks up on the wall before I sew them together. If there is any “dis-harmony” I fix it on the wall.

4 thoughts on “A collection of enamel coffee pots…

  1. That’s a nice collection of coffee pots. It’s an interesting hobby to collect coffee pots of different types. The imagination of too many coffee pots at a spot is really wonderful.< HREF="http://www.iwaayconsultant.com" REL="nofollow">Outsourcing Solution in BPO<>


  2. I love the enamel coffee pots. I have a couple I would love to contribute to the collection. Where do I send them?I love your site.Hugs,Janet


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