Sally Schneider Guest Speaker

It has been a long time since I was able to attend Quilt Guild on a regular basis. It was such a treat to go yesterday. Wonderful memories came back yesterday when I attended. I loved my guild in Tulsa. So many friends and that is where I met Becky. 

Sally Schneider was the guest speaker. She did a program on built in borders from her book Designing with Built In Borders. Built in Borders is a method for making complex pieced borders as simply pieced blocks. Make the blocks using your own designs for the center and select a built in border for the sides. It was so simple. You can contact her at 

She had a sheet hung from a quilt rack with the center of a pieced star quilt hung from it. There was velcro on the sides of the sheet. As she showed a quilt with the built in borders she would attach that to the sides. We saw a lot of different border treatments. Check out the pictures of her demonstrating how it works. I think you can see what I am talking about. 

My Aunt Millie has been a member of this guild for a long time. Several members commented to her they were surprised how much I enjoyed it.  You never know when you will learn something new. It may be built in borders. or a quilt that inspires you with the use of color. There are so many things to learn. More than anything I just love quilts. Seeing what others are doing and the proud look on their faces when they show a completed quilt is so much fun.

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