That’s Oklahoma City for those of you who aren’t familiar with the abbreviation. 

I grew up in OKC and my mom and sister still live here. One of mom’s neighbors put these pumpkin stacks on the fountains by her front door. 

The water is flowing over the vase under the
 pumpkins – not over the pumpkins themselves. It looks cool from the road as you drive by!

The reason I’m here is not so great. My sister, Christy, who is 2 years younger than me, has polycystic kidney disease. That’s us in about 1978.

Christy’s kidneys were removed in August and she’s now on dialysis. Sometimes she’s OK, and then other times she not so OK. She’s currently not as OK as she could be. The doctors seem to think that they will get this current problem straightened out, but until they do it’s hard on her – and on my mom. 

I almost didn’t blog about this because Linda and I like to keep our posts upbeat. But my sister is an inspiration to me… she is dealing with a very difficult disease with grace and a will of steel. It’s important to me to acknowledge that. If you think of it, please say a little prayer for her. 


4 thoughts on “In OKC…

  1. I am sorry to hear about your sister. It is not fun to be on dialysis. My son has been on it since March. He is a quadriplegic and developed kidney failure due to meds in last two years when he was extremely sick. It is a different world at dialysis. the people are so nice. we have become attached to them all. hopefully she will feel better soon. LInda Gerig in Michigan


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