My husband sews!

My husband, Steve, is a biologist. He’s a behavioral ecologist who studies long-horned beetles to be exact. He is on the faculty at Austin College and is currently dean of the sciences. He cooks (almost every meal since we’ve been married) and now he sews! Specifically he hand sews my bindings and sleeves. 

Steve has no interest in quilting or any other sorts of sewing. But he sews bindings and sleeves better, and with more care, than I do. I honestly don’t think it can get any better than this!


12 thoughts on “My husband sews!

  1. I see Becky you are very very lucky.. any brothers out there from the same mold?? LOL. Now I wish the cooking thing was happening in this house and wouldn’t care if I did the binding or not..


  2. Now I’m just jealous! (and full of admiration)Kirsty Duncan – who had dinner and went to Smiggle with you in Melbourne in February 🙂


  3. I would take a guy like that over a calendar model any day! Most quilters will show and tell their new sewing machines, sewing rooms, gadgets, but this…this is something to be green about for sure!Monica


  4. I sort of hate to admit it, but Steve sews buttons too. What can I say, my husband is a prince! And, yes, he does have a brother who cooks, but doesn’t sew. He and his wife just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.


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