Another "celebrity interview"…

Pat Sloan’s “celebrity” interview with Becky will be up on her blog on Thursday, November 6. Click here to read it. If you missed Linda’s interview on October 16, you can find it on Pat’s site. If you would like to read it, and other interviews, scroll down the right side of Pat’s blog and you will find the Celebrity Interviews link.

On Friday, November 7, we’re going to have another Blog Door Prize! It will be one of Becky’s found blocks (found when she cleaned out her closet!) Come back to this blog on Friday to see the block and leave a comment. We will choose a winner randomly from the pool of commenters. 

5 thoughts on “Another "celebrity interview"…

  1. Loved reading your interview…I really do love all your projects and blogged about one today that I absolutely NEED to do……How hard actually is it?Peggy in New Jersey


  2. Felt like I was reading my story of getting into quilting. My grandmother gave me a quilt. I didn't quilt until I had children but their quilts were graduation quilts. Worked full time and went to school to get my degree. Then quilting took over. It's been 28 years with no stopping in sight. :>)Sheila in CA


  3. Fun interview! Everything from soup to nuts. I love the fact that Pat says her quilting is about the enjoyment of the process. Me too – I love the creativity and uniqueness of quilt making.


  4. Hi Becky,That interview was great. Thank you for sharing. It’s aways interesting to learn something new about someone. I really enjoyed reading it.Quilting is new to me (no family history) I do envy those who have such memories.


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