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I’ve been working on a new quilt for a while now. It’s nowhere near ready for publication so I can’t show the whole quilt top here, but I can show a bit of it! Think of this as a bite o’ cake rather than a whole piece o’ cake.


9 thoughts on “What’s new…

  1. LOL! A bite of cake! That’s funny! They way it looks, I think I would like to have the whole cake (and eat it too!!!)I am very excited about your upcoming book, you always make such beautiful quilts! And my 4 year old daughter wants me to “read” the bookks to her. Especially “Covered with Love” That’s her favourite 🙂


  2. Just this morning I was debating washing some new fabric or not. I was reading some blogs and followed Quilting Fiesta’s link to your post talking about washing. So thanks for the advice. Sometimes I wash, sometimes not – depending on how lazy I’m being. But I think I’ll wash from now on. Also having grown up near Balto I appreciated those pictures. And I wish I could get my husband to sew on bindings – lucky you!


  3. In answer to the shopping question… I shop a lot at the Quilt Asylum in McKinney, TX. It has great fabric and is close-ish. I also buy fabric when I’m on the road teaching. In fact, I picked up some Japanese shot cottons from a vendor at the Quilter’s Gathering in NH just this past weekend. I’ve washed them they are in a pile looking at me. They want to be used soon, I can tell.


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