A smaller Lorna’s Vine…

I teach the Lorna’s Vine quilt (at left) from our book Amish-Inspired Quilts. The quilt belongs to my daughter-in-law, Lorna, and I don’t travel with it. 

I decided that I needed a smaller version of this quilt to travel with. I finished the applique a few days ago and got the center of the quilt set together just now. I thought I’d share it with you!

Here it is on my design wall. I hope to add the borders tomorrow and I’ll share that image with you too. I hope to get it quilted before I teach it again at the end of January.

I have to be honest, I like the bigger quilt more. But I don’t have time to make it again full-size and I don’t have a place for a quilt of that size. My guess is that there are a lot of you who would prefer to make the smaller quilt too. Once I have all the measurements worked out, I’ll post the information to make the smaller quilt on our website. You’d still need the book, but you won’t have to do the calculations for the smaller one on your own.

FYI – If you look down 3 posts to the movie you’ll notice that I was taking these blocks off the wall in that movie. I didn’t actually take the blocks off the wall 3 days ago! My husband filmed me doing that at least 5 weeks ago. It’s taken me this long to edit the movie, do the voice-over, and get it posted. Many of you are sharp-eyed enough to connect these posts and I didn’t want you to get the idea that I am Applique Wonder Woman :-).

7 thoughts on “A smaller Lorna’s Vine…

  1. Thank you for showing the smaller center! This is just a beautiful quilt regardless of size….and I think I need one on my family room wall! I will probably make the larger version as I have a large, white, empty wall that needs a punch of color. But I am curious to see if you did decide to piece the borders on the smaller one.Karen


  2. Love the pattern titled “Lorna’s Vine.” Made a quilt from it using fabrics from Cherrywood including their fabric in the color “salsa.” Its a gorgeous red color. Would love to make a smaller version. Just wondering if you know of anyone who has made the quilt in other colors.


  3. LOL! I was thinking you were unnaturally quick 🙂 The little quilt is really pretty! I am surprised to hear the work involved is significantly reduced, since there is the same amount of blocks in the little one, the same amount of pieces to appliqué. I realize they are smaller, but still… Anyway…it is very very pretty!


  4. Becky I am so glad you mentioned that when I saw the quilt done and on the wall.. I thought how does she do it!! I love this quilt the different values you used is very complimentary. Are the boarders going to be the same as the large one.. sometimes it is so difficult to get those samples done and then to do your own quilts that you have in mindJackie lucky you to be able to have a class.. any chance Becky you will be coming to Ontario.. Toronto Ontario that is?? hope, pray, wish, dream..ahhhhhhhhhhh


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