Something purple…

Steve and I worked in the yard some this morning. It is overcast today, but not raining and it is cool, but comfortable. I raked and cut back plants that needed it. Steve dug up saplings that were growing in bad places. 

I hate to say it but now my hands hurt. There are many good aspects to getting 
older… but knowing that your body is beginning to fall apart is not one of them. Thank goodness for Advil!

I took these “purple” photos when I was in Baltimore and I’ve been saving them to share with you. I have no idea what this flower is but isn’t it cute!

5 thoughts on “Something purple…

  1. I can see a wonderful floral pattern in your next book with this flower it is suitable to your fabrics!! yes age sure is a reminder that I don’t need reminding about..advil is handy. Hope they are not to sore that you can’t applique!!


  2. At our last applique club meeting, everyone was sitting around comparing aches and pains. Per my chiropractor, all of the aches and pains are due to changes in the weather and that dreaded word “age.” But in spite of the aches and pains, I still love to applique-especially your patterns!


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