I’m going on vacation…

Well, not really a vacation – more of a Thanksgiving break. We leave tomorrow after lunch for Oklahoma City (OKC) where we both have family. I’m scrambling to get everything ready and am not finding time to blog. BUT – there is a wonderful treat coming on Monday. You’ll like it, I promise! 

I might find time to post between now and then, but I also might not. I’m going to leave you with this wonderful photo of my Aunt Esther and my grandmother, Nan, aka Mabel Eckroat. She was born not long after 1900 and died 6 years ago. (I am so very bad with dates that I don’t have the exact ones in my head. I hope I am never in charge of writing an obituary.)

Nan was a stitch! She sewed many of my clothes as I was growing up. She even made my senior prom dress (a halter-top!). She was not a quilter but that’s OK. In the picture below she and her sister are pretending to be “bad” – with fake cigarettes! This photo is taken outside of their family home in Cheyenne, OK. When she was little, Nan lived in a dugout (an underground house) so this house is something the whole family was proud of.

I could go on, but I won’t because I have to get ready to leave tomorrow :-). Later, I’ll post more family photos. I have some really wonderful ones!

7 thoughts on “I’m going on vacation…

  1. Hey Chris! You know how Nan was… she probably would have loved to smoke but she was a lady first and, in her life and times, ladies did not smoke. But they could pretend! I wish I had known her as a young woman.


  2. The pants would have been as risque as the cigarettes where I live. Maybe more so as I live in what was a big tobacco state. Have never seen any pictures from this time period of a woman wearing pants.Enjoyed it.


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