My 2008 Christmas ornament…

I’ve made Christmas ornaments to give to family and friends for many, many years. The list of folks who receive ornaments have changed over the years – especially as children and nieces have gotten older and moved into their own spaces. Sometimes people move off the list when they downsize and no longer have room for more ornaments. I completely understand this as I, myself, am having trouble fitting them all in :-).

This year I made 19 little sparkly houses. I thought I’d share a little bit of the process with you. 

First I designed a pattern. I made a template of the main pattern. It was easy to cut strips the length and width of the house and then use the template to mark my cutting lines. I cut rectangles for the bases and roofs.

I made the houses from poster board – a light-weight, white cardboard readily available in the US. After I cut the shapes out, I folded them where I needed to using a bone folder (which is a really good tool). I glued the ends of the house together using Tacky Glue – a strong, fast-drying glue available in craft stores. 

I mixed up a solution of thin glue (Elmers and/or Tacky glue mixed with water) and brushed it on the houses where I wanted glitter to stick. I used blue, green, and white glitter to make houses in those colors.

After the glue/glitter dried, I glued and glittered the doors in a contrasting color. I cut tissue paper and stuck it to the inside of the windows. 

Next I glued each house to a base and glued its roof on. Luckily I remembered to punch holes in the roofs and strung a loop of wire (to hang them from) before I glued the roofs on!

I made pipe cleaner wreaths and glued them over the doors. I glued on rick-rack greenery and I added sparkly, fluffy snow to the roofs and bases and then… there they were! A cluster of festive houses ready to go off and spread Christmas cheer!

Every year one of the hardest parts of “ornament making” for me is deciding what to make. I enjoyed making these houses so well that I think I’m going to make a variety of different houses for the next several years. Imagine a village of little sparkly cardboard houses!

6 thoughts on “My 2008 Christmas ornament…

  1. Becky, Your family and friends are very fortunate to be recipients of your generosity! The houses are precious! Maybe I will do something like them next year! Thanks for explaining the process! Emily


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