I have been working on the next BOM. Yet, to have a title. I remembered a technique my first applique teacher taught me year ago. Jeanette Meetze is a great teacher. I thought you would like to see it. 

When appliqueing petals in a circle use this technique. After the petals are appliqued sew a basting stitch below the seam allowance to hold the petal ends in place. They tend otherwise to want to stick up. Quick and easy. I love quilting tips. 

Above if you look close you will see the white seam line. I basted just below it.
Now you are ready to applique the center down.
Blessings Linda

5 thoughts on “New BOM

  1. great tip Lynda.. works for me!! especially since our petals are usually in a circle…your flowers are looking great for the new BOM..when will we see the rest.. so lucky to be such a wonderful designer


  2. Thank you for all the wonderful tips. I love every floral pattern you two do. This christmas season I’am working on your christmas trees. Love the tree updating I’am going to tell my daughter about that one.Roberta


  3. Is the BOM your working on the same BOM that Linda is working on? Noticed she was making birds in one posting. Just wondering. I have all your books and patterns. Looking forward to the next book.


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