All cleaned up…

Here it is, all cleaned up! This is still a garage. To be more specific, this is my garage, not Martha Stewart’s garage. Hers is probably full of way cool stuff. My garage is full of the stuff that cannot live in my house — and most of it is not that cool. But the things in our garage are things that we use at least once a year.

Notice the white walls! The space feels cleaner, and lighter. The white walls are what I wanted changed the most so that alone makes me very happy. 

Almost everything is off of the ground which makes it a lot easier to sweep out. You can see the leaves on the floor – they blow in every time we open the door at this time of year.

I love my blue door! I painted it (and the orange trim around it) a couple of years ago. It makes me smile every time I walk through it.

I haven’t shown you the little storage shed in our back yard. We tidied it up as part of this project. Now I can get to my flower pots and gardening tools without having to climb over stuff. I need to get a picture of that soon!

I have vowed to myself that when I put something in the garage, I’m going to put it where it goes. If it doesn’t have a spot I’ll find it one right then. I’m pretty good about doing that in the house so I’m hopeful that I can train myself without too much trouble. Steve is already good about putting things where they go (I am such a lucky woman!). I’ll let you know how it goes.

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