What a difference 2 days make…

On Saturday it was practically hot here in north Texas. The high was in the low 80s – very unusual for us. Today, Monday, we’re having a bit of freezing rain. Luckily the ground is too warm for the roads to get icy.

There are icicles growing on my bird feeder. The birds flew away when I was outside taking this photo, but they are back now.

BTW – I bought this squirrel-proof bird feeder from Duncraft recently and it is wonderful! The squirrels gave up after they slid off of it once or twice. All kinds of birds eat at Chez Goldsmith. And I am pleasantly surprised that there is not much uneaten seed falling to the ground.

So, I’m going to get back to work machine quilting. There are so many deadlines that I ignored during the holidays. Surely I’m not the only one who did that :-).

Happy stitching,


PS – Christy is out of the hospital and home. She’s certainly better than she was and that’s a good thing.

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