Trimming the edge…

Here’s another tip related to machine quilting: Once your quilt is quilted, you need to trim the outer edges of the quilt and then sew on the binding. When you trim, leave about 1/4″ of batting and backing fabric beyond the edge of the quilt top itself.

The raw edges of the binding are placed next to the raw edge of the top. The extra batting and backing will fill the binding nicely.

I like to “sign” my quilts as I quilt them. I load my machine with a slightly heavier thread (like King Tut) in a contrasting color. I do my best to capture my actual signature. I do also sew a documentation patch to the back of the quilt.

11 thoughts on “Trimming the edge…

  1. This is exactly the technique that I use. I know so many quilters who will trim it down right to the quilt. I feel it does not leave enough in the binding. I cut my binding 2 1/4 inch wide and that works great. I get even amounts of binding on both sides of my quilt.


  2. You can sign your name better with a sewing machine than I can with a pen!! Awesome! You are truly inspiring me to get practicing. It’s just very intimidating. I love the whole quilt making process UNTIL it comes to the quilting. I must have at least 4 quilts finished, all except the quilting. I am saving your pictures as inspiration. Thank, thanks, thanks. debbie


  3. LOVE the tips you give us! The tip on using vinyl to “doodle” on for quilting inspiration is a great idea. Need to get some magic markers and start doodling! Have about 3 quilt tops to quilt.Thanks for a great blog!


  4. I have 2 Berninas and I love them both. My older 1530 and my newer 440 are both good. I have a BSR but don’t use it. If you’re a new machine quilter, it helps.AND – don’t be intimidated. Machine quilting is like riding a bike. You just have to quit falling off the bike.


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