Fun at the Jinny Beyer Seminar…

This is my classroom at the Jinny Beyer Seminar at Hilton Head Island. We’re at the Marriott Resort and my space is part of the bigger ballroom. The partition walls are floor to ceiling which is nice. This is yesterday’s Lorna’s Vine class hard at work.

This afternoon I went with Karen Stone and Alex Anderson to the Needlepoint Junction – a local yarn and needlework shop. I love yarn shops – it’s like being bombarded with color. The textures are so luxurious!

I almost bought some of this wool sock yarn – until I remembered that I have a lot of sock yarn at home that I really should knit up first – someday, when I’m not appliqueing.

But then Karen spotted some very fine lace wool. I don’t have any of that! I bought a skein of muted greens and golds that will be fun to knit into a shawl.

It’s still gray outside and as I’ve been typing a light rain started to fall. The color of the yarn in these pictures is a lovely contrast to the scene outside my window.

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