The sun did shine…

I’m home and trying to watch the Super Bowl. It’s not easy. Unpacking has been distracting me.

The sun did finally shine on the last day (the REALLY last day) of the 29th Jinny Beyer Seminar. It was a lovely end to a lovely week. I wish it wasn’t all over, but I’m very grateful to have been a part of this last seminar.

Did you know that Jinny has 150 different fabrics in her current collection of fabric? I didn’t know this. They blend together – from color to color and value to value – in such a beautiful way. I want to use them – ALL! I’m going to have to buy them all – soon.

I wanted to share a beach find with you. There were lots of sand dollars in the sand. I resisted picking one up to bring home because they looked like they were still alive. The only sand dollars I’ve seen are gray (not green), without little hairs. It was pretty cool to spot some “in the wild”!

7 thoughts on “The sun did shine…

  1. I hear that the annual Jinny Beyer is great! She always has a wonderful and colorful line of fabrics. That Sand Dollar is actually alive. They are covered with a velvety fuss normally. I’m not a biologist, but I work for environmentalists:)


  2. So now that you are back home and once the unpacking is done–what is your next “goal”??? Back to the seed books, or do you have a MUST do new quilt from the Jinny B. week?????? Just Di in NY


  3. Hi-I was at the Jinny Beyer Seminar too at a participant-wasn’t it fun Becky!!!! I have so many ideas I want to do….I picked up one of those Sand Dollars and brought it inside only to have someone tell me it was alive–with horror I gave it back to the sea–what can I say–I do not live by water–but I will not pick up anything in the future..Your lecture on color was wonderful..I learned so much…The Seminar went by in a flash….


  4. Becky, I really enjoyed your presentation at the JB seminar in HH and like you was very glad to be there at the ‘last’ one. Your quilt is stupendous. It was a truly wonderful week despite the uncooperative weather.


  5. Here goes, my very first blog:Your pictures are great, I see some quilts coming from the beautiful foliage. I absolutely love Piece O’Cake! Keep ’em coming. I am trying my first hand applique with one of your patterns.


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