How to leave a comment…

We’ve had a couple of questions about how to leave a comment on the post below. At the end of the post it says “Posted by Becky at 6:14 PM 216 comments”. (The number of comments may be higher when you get to this spot.)

Click the word “comments”. That takes you to a page where you can read the comments. On the right side of that page there’s a box where you can type a comment. Under that there are options where you can choose an identity. You must choose one of these options. Then click the publish button. That’s it. Your comment will be added to the list of comments.

Be sure to leave your comment on the correct blog post. Scroll down to the post dated Tuesday, Feb. 2. The one with the picture of the block. Don’t put your comment on this post.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “How to leave a comment…

  1. Hi, I’m interested in the new “door” prize block as listed in your email! I love your work and would love to get a free block!Thanks!Anna


  2. I have been organizing again and I have found so much Piece O’Cake from “ago”. I loved it then and I love it now.. This block is rightup my ally. Don’t ever change. deb g


  3. Love your work, I have many of your books, took a class with you at Capital Quilters Guild, learned to always pre wash fabrics, and more on designing and qpplique. Thanks for giving to the Quilt world. Yes I would love that block!


  4. Thanks for the info about how to leave a comment. I am so low tech that it took me quite a while to get it right but I plodded along and found success. Another new world opens up for me. Thanks. =!=


  5. Yikes. I left a comment on the last post (the one with the block giveaway.) I opened a Google/Blogger account, and now I have gotten over 200 emails with other peoples comments!! I thought I unsubscribed, but got 87 more. Do I have to unsubscribe to EACH one of them???? I can read the other comments here, I dont need them in my mailbox. help….please


  6. I’ve tried this once so I’ll try it again! I attended a workshop by Becky about two years ago. It completely changed (and improved) my applique. I also bought the Piece O’Cake book that has step-by-step applique instruction with gorgeous and very helpful pictures. Thanks so much. jiligrid


  7. I am a huge PieceOCake fan and won Best of Show and First place in applique with Tulips in the Park. I’m currently working on a sampler quilt that includes your designs of course.The blog is very interesting.Linda N.


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