Valentine’s Daffodils

Every year around Feb. 14 my daffodils bloom. They were a little early this year!

I know that many of you are still enjoying/enduring winter and and I thought you’d like to see this bit of spring.

Imagine air that smells like a cool spring day and that’s what’s happening in north Texas now. I know it’s not going to last – cold, freezing weather always comes back to us before Easter – but today is very nice!

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Daffodils

  1. OH, MY WHAT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES–THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING THESE, with us northerns!!!!! We are still cold here and alittle snowy–will be another month before we see flowers like yours. Happy Valentines Day. Just, DiPS there is a new email address for me, ok?


  2. Daffodil….. that would make an interesting block and a nice spring quilt. How about it ladies for your next or next project? Question…. If using a white background for a block, do you often use prints? I have a hard time chosing white prints because of the painted on white on white. Kona seems tougher to applique for me. Any suggestions?


  3. such lovely pix. thanks for showing them to us, daffodils are one of my favorite flowers and when we get them here, it really makes me think spring is just around the corner!!


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