New shoes…

I am only mildly excited by shoes. That may be because I have to wear flats if I want to walk without pain. At any rate, I was really surprised to find out that my youngest son really likes shoes! He takes care of them way better than I do. His shoes always look new.

Jeff particularly likes athletic shoes in splashy colors. I got him a pair of screaming yellow Puma’s for Christmas last year that practically glow in the dark. It looks like he likes these snow-white shoes just as much!

3 thoughts on “New shoes…

  1. I am with you on the shoe thing! I am a controlled diabetic so flat comfortable shoes are best if I don’t want pain BUT most styles seem to be so limited and ordinary. I often wonder why manufacturers don’t make flats in the same styles as heels. I have seen many cute heels that I would buy if they were flats! Oh well, at least you can enjoy your son’s excitement over shoes. It’s cool that they make him so happy! D~~~~


  2. Well I love shoes and could spend way too much money on them, but do limit myself. But a funny story you might enjoy – when my now 30 something son was in highschool – maybe 16 or so, he really wanted one particular pair of Adidas shoes. They were well over $100 and as a single mom I just couldn’t go there. So I told him, here’s the $38 I would spend – you do what you want. He bought those expensive shoes and wore them and then each day when he came home from school, he would take them off and clean them with a rag and carefully put them in his closet so they wouldn’t get dirty or skuffed. It really made me laugh. If it was his stuff and his money, well, what a difference.Marne


  3. You know, I have a habit of putting one foot on top of the other when I’m standing still. There’s that, and of course I am forever running my feet into things and scuffing them up. I cannot keep shoes looking new. Jeff obviously got his “feet genes” from his dad :-).


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