Interesting designs…

I read and look at the images on a variety of design websites, blogs, and publications. These are mostly graphic design sites – not quilt-related at all. But you never know when good design in one area will influence you in another. nHere are some blogs/sites that you might like too:

Chuck Green’s PagePlane blog, and his newsletter, are very good. Most of the sites listed below I found first in his newsletter.

Check out the Book Cover Archive. The rocking chair on the the Steinbeck cover reminds me of a drawing I did of my mom’s rocker. That rocker is in my bedroom now.

Issuu is an interesting site with electronic magazines. You can make your own magazine and upload it for free! Sounds like fun if I can stop quilting long enough to actually do it.

The Arts & Letters Daily looks like a great place to find all sorts of interesting information. My husband, the professor, has long talked about the Chronicle of Higher Education. Who knew it was so interesting?!

And this is one of my favorite blogs, de(coeur)acao. It’s in Portuguese (I’ve been told) and I am not bilingual so I look at the pictures and wonder what the words say. I love this 2-tone wall treatment and am going to try it soon in my bedroom.

Happy surfing!

4 thoughts on “Interesting designs…

  1. Hi Becky, I can safely say that the last blog you mentioned is not in Spanish. (I’m a Spanish teacher.) I believe it is Portuguese. I just thought that you might want to know. Happy Quilting! Jay


  2. thank you for the ideas, as to the Portuguese blog, I read my foreign blogs through google reader, one of the settings is to “translate the blog into my language.” and then I can read blogs from sweden, brazil and turkey.


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