Signs of spring in north Texas…

As I was driving away from my house today I realized that some of the trees in our neighborhood are leafing out! That’s little baby almost-yellow leaves on the branches!

My neighbor, Joan, has a plum tree in her backyard and there are white flowers all over it. We almost always have an Easter freeze and Easter is late this year. I don’t know whether she’ll have plums or not. I hope she does because Joan shares her bounty with us :-).

And my redbud is about to burst into full bloom! We’ve been bouncing between freezes and days in the 80s. The plants, however, seem to think that spring is definitely here.

5 thoughts on “Signs of spring in north Texas…

  1. Flowers? Blue sky? Green leaves? It’s just not fair! We’re still in winter wonderland here and it’s freeeeezing! It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. I think I’m going to move down to Texas!


  2. I am so very jealous spring is arriving in your part of the world! It snowed and hailed here yesterday and the day before was 30 degrees and icey. Ho hum, it helped to look at your gorgeous pictures of what spring will look like. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and have a great trip too!


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