Have you listened to this?

I download the This American Life podcast every week. The stories are always good. Last week the show was Bad Bank and I especially recommend it. Alex Blumberg and NPR’s Adam Davidson explain what’s up with the banks today in plain, non-political language. You can download the podcast or listen to it for free on your computer.

These same guys did the amazing and scary Giant Pool of Money podcast last May (which you can still listen to) AND they are behind the blog planetmoney.

I’m a quilter, not an economist. But I have learned so much from these guys and the rest of the folks at planetmoney that I felt like I should share the links with you. Let’s face it, the economy is not so great right now. Personally I’m fighting fear with information and these guys have good information.

3 thoughts on “Have you listened to this?

  1. thank you for the information. I too am trying to remain calm with information. I will listen to both of these. Your blog is so much fun. Enjoy your trip to Pidgeon Forge.


  2. I have listened to these broadcasts more than once and learned more each time. They really help to make sense of things without shying away from the complexity.


  3. Thank you for those links. I think we’re all trying to find a silver lining in the current situation. I have a question that’s quilt related: I read on a mail list that you and Linda don’t like to use silk thread for your applique, that you’ve had quilts not stay together. Is this true? Do you strictly use cotton?


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