Pictures of quilts and copyright infringement…

I wanted to take pictures the quilts at the Quiltfest show to post here, but I didn’t and here’s why: The owner of the quilt was not there to give me permission.

I know that a lot of quilters post photos of quilts that they take at shows and the vast majority of the time this makes everyone happy. But sometimes this makes the quiltmaker deeply unhappy. I do not want to make anyone deeply unhappy.

I read an interesting article about an ongoing copyright battle between the Associated Press and an artist by the name of Shepard Fairey. Mr. Fairey drew the now-iconic poster of Barack Obama that we have all seen. He based the image on an AP photo by Mannie Garcia. (Click the link above to see both the photo and the poster.) This article is a reminder to me that it pays to be careful with other people’s work.

I did take some fun photos in Pigeon Forge, just not of the quilts in the show. I thought you might like to see this little still life made up of one day’s shopping treasures. Nancy and I walked to the Old Mill Toy Shop and Candy Shop. The green guy came named (Charlie Black) and is from Boogily Bunnies. He has bendable appendages which is pretty fun. BTW – this is my toy, not the Jack’s!

4 thoughts on “Pictures of quilts and copyright infringement…

  1. I have a quilting dilema and maybe Charlie Black can help. He looks like he has lots of words of wisdom to share.I want to take a class at Vermont Quilt Festival with a talented teacher in an Itsy Bitsy Tensy class. The level says intermediate etc… I’ve been enjoying applique for a year or so after finding a method I like. The problem is I still haven’t found a method I like for reverse applique and one of the blocks looks like a reverser. Can I be disqualified as intermediate because I don’t like reverse. I’m still hoping to find a way to learn to love it and this could be the one. Dear Charlie, what should I do?


  2. On the copywrite of photos taken at quilt shows. I have found those that didn’t want their photo taken would place it on their quilt. If you show your quilt at a quilt show to me it is an open invitation for pictures to be taken only when you post that you don’t that could be respected. The growing trend in Ontario is the Shows would sell CD’s of the pictured quilts.. this way there are no camera’s allowed and there is no dispute..


  3. I’m probably just sensitive to the photo issue because I’ve heard cranky quilters on this issue. I know that lots and lots of quilters post these images – I probably won’t. Unless I have permission. I didn’t see any permission notices at this show so didn’t take photos. The CD is a good idea but does it address taking those images and posting them on the web?


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