Last fall we planted one lonely broccoli plant just to see what it would do. It’s been making broccoli! Since I had no idea what broccoli ‘in the wild’ looks like I thought that some of you might not know either.

Ours is wispier than I thought it would be, probably because we aren’t watering it. But we have been eating what the plant produces. Next year we’re going to plant more.

7 thoughts on “Brocolli!

  1. Just an FYI. The first crop of broccoli will be a large head. Once that is cut, the subsequent heads will get progressively smaller, hence the wild, wispy look.


  2. Hi BeckyThe anon commenter is right about subsequent flushes being wispy but sometimes it doesn’t produce a compact head at all – it just goes straight to wispy and I think that’s caused by too rapid growth if the weather is warm.


  3. What do you do with wispy broccoli? You eat it! Just like you did šŸ™‚Sometimes that rapid growth makes it bitter but if it tastes fine…


  4. I love the spirit! šŸ™‚ My family and I are starting a new fruit and vegetable garden,(for some of us our first garden.)The way I came across your blog is because I had no idea what brocolli ‘in the wild’ looked like, so I ‘goodsearched’ it, and found ‘Piece O’ Cake’. Thanks, and good luck with next year’s brocolli.


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