Changing colors…

I paint the rooms in my house more often than most people. It’s a lot cheaper than moving! I’ve got painting down to a science and can usually prime and put a finish coat on any room in under 8 hours.

Last week I took one day and changed my dining room. It was burgundy and now it’s a teal/turquoise color. I love it! Luckily, Steve does too. You can see the portrait of Moses Carr on the far wall. He is my husband’s great-great-great grandfather. We rescued this painting from Steve’s grandmother’s barn many years ago and had it repaired and restored. I’ve never been sorry we spent that money.

We use my grandmother’s dresser as a buffet. Most of the rest of her bedroom furniture is in the attic. The painting over the buffet is by George Brinner, an artist on Maui. We have 3 of his paintings – I suppose we’re fans!

10 thoughts on “Changing colors…

  1. Oh my goodness–you really do like COLOR don’t you–I do love that new color!!! I would say your greatest BLESSING is the fact that you own your own place and can do that–some of us live in rented places and have to live with cream colored walls–boring, boring, boring–but I do add alot of pictures and hangings to mine, but it’s still cream walls??? Have fun–Just Di


  2. I’m one of those quilters who are afraid of color! I could NEVER use such bold color on my walls!!!!! ANd I’m not a ‘brights’ sort of person with my quilting either….but I do admire anyone who can pull it off! YOur place is wonderful!


  3. My son googled me yesterday and saw your address under my listing. It was nice to see my painting has such a wonderful home. And thank you for mentioning my name. —
    George Brinner


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