Stimulus spending…

I did some shopping when I wasn’t busy teaching last weekend. Der Kuchen Laden is a well-stocked kitchen shop in Fredericksburg, TX. I got all sorts of little doo-dads. The notched triangular tool for leaving lines in icing should be lots of fun to use on cakes.

Down the street Linens-N-More was about to close so I wasn’t able to shop long. Probably a good thing. I got this wonderful silk screened “America” dish towel made by Catstudio. I don’t know that I’m going to be able to let anyone get it wet – it may have to be a pillow. It could also be good in a quilt or garment.

In Kerrville, I found my way to Creations – one of the best quilt shops I’ve ever visited! This is the fabric I came home with. I also bought some wool for Linda, a linen jacket (for me), and upholstery fabric for my dining room chairs – oh happy day! It’s probably good for my wallet that I’m home now.

5 thoughts on “Stimulus spending…

  1. I mostly buy fat quarters. I buy 1/2 yards of things that I know I’ll use a lot – like dots. But not all dots. I think there are two or 3 1/2-yard cuts in this stack.

    I buy 1 yard cuts of things I think I’ll use on a quilt back. Having only 1 yard pieces forces me to piece the backs which is a hassle but looks better.


  2. I LOVE that dishtowel….Just seeing the picture makes me think it would make a great center for a wall hanging or something…..I’d love to get my hands on one of those!!!!!
    Your fabrics are great too…so many new fabrics, so little time!
    Peggy in NJ


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