Happy plants…

Isn’t this an interesting flower? I especially like the pattern on the part of the flower beneath the petals. I think this flower was labeled as a pincushion flower when I bought it last year.

This flower looks a lot like a thistle. There are problems here with wild thistles running wild in the landscape, choking out native plants. But this one appears to be OK – it’s not spreading from seed (yet).

3 thoughts on “Happy plants…

  1. Yep! That is a pincushion flower! They are very lovely when all clumped together! You can find them in pink also.
    Am enjoying your blog and your website. Just finished up watching your DVD ‘Teaching You to Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way’. Very informative and thank you so much.


  2. Here in the Northeast, we call these flowers a Perennial Batchelors Button, or Centaurea. There is also an annual called batchelor’s button that is VERY similar. The ‘pin cushion’to us is a Scabiosa (doesn’t pin coushion sound so much prettier?).

    Perennial Centaurea come in a few shades of purple/blue with whitish centers and also a white petal with the blue enters. The Annual is in many shades of light and dark pink, blues, purples, and white.

    They are lovely! I have both types in my garden!


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