A cool color tool…

Chuck Greens design blog, PagePlane, offers a wealth of information. Yesterday I found a link to The Color Scheme Designer that was created by Petr Stanicek. He’s from the Czech Republic, EU, and is a professional web designer and online application programmer. How cool is it that he’s made this fun tool available for free!

Click around on the Color Scheme Designer. The little circles at the top, left, let you choose different kinds of color schemes. You can move the dots on the color wheel to change the schemes you get. Honestly, you could lose all day playing with this.

4 thoughts on “A cool color tool…

  1. Your right. A person could spend all day on the color scheme designer. Too bad they haven’t invented a handheld device we could take to the quilt stores with us.

    While playing on it, it reminded me of Amish quilts-the colors were so bold and vibrant.


  2. Thank you so much for the color scheme link. I feel so color challenged, which is probably why I lean toward FQ packs and jelly rolls and ‘muddy’ colors in quilting. I just got Celia Eddy’s color scheme bible from the library, but the link you provided is much more effective for me.


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