The easy way to hang a quilt…

I am a minimalist when it comes to quilt hanging systems. I have used round extension rods (curtain rods) resting on big nails for a very long time. The problem with round rods is that they can sag in the middle if the quilt is heavy. Flat rods work best but they can fall forward when they rest on the nails. It finally occurred to me to drill a hole in each end of the flat rod!

I used tension rods because, once you pull them out to the right length, they stay put (mostly). Use a drill bit that works on metal. If there are sharp edges around the newly drilled hole, file them down (or hammer the sharp edges).

A finish nail through the hole holds the rod in place.

I make my quilt sleeves a little shorter than the quilt so that the ends of the rods and the nails don’t show.

The quilt lays flat on the wall and the rectangular rod doesn’t sag!

12 thoughts on “The easy way to hang a quilt…

  1. This is a great idea…I have a special quilt I’m getting ready to hang…and now I know how to hang it (I’ve tried so many different ways for my other quilts and did not want this one to sag)!


  2. Instead of a curtain rod, I use a flat piece of wood trim (probably 1 inch X 1/4 inch)- you can buy them in 8 ft pieces at the hardware store for a couple of dollars. I cut them a little shorter as well so they don’t show – and just drill the holes in the same manner. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and inspiration. Piece…


  3. I’ve used the 1 x 1/4 wood as well. The main reason I don’t like the wood is that you are limited to one size and you have to use a saw to change the size. A curtain rod expands or contracts easily without a saw. And they come painted – no raw wood to worry about.


  4. Thanks for the idea, now if I could find a way to change the nail position without having a hole in the wall that shows I’d be one happy girl! I like that the rod changes sizes!


  5. Becky, I can’t wait to get my hands on that quilt pattern when it comes out! I have been collecting my own fabrics for my version but just wondered if you remembered the name of the fabric that shows up in the 3rd and 4th rows with a lovely yellow and pink floral on pale blue/teal. I keep thinking it’s a kaffe fabric but just wondered if you remembered.
    Thanks so much!


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