Folding a quilt…

My students noticed how I fold my quilts for travel. I thought it would be a good trick to share. I didn’t think this up – I learned it from Quilter’s Newsletter. The thing is to never fold them on the straight of grain. When you unfold and re-fold, change the location of the folds each time.

I fold quilts to fit my suitcase. When I’m home, I roll my quilts and store them on a long shelf.

Bring one corner up…
Bring another corner up…

Fold one side up. That triangle of quilt up at the top folds over the rest.Fold it up (sort of like rolling it up, but keep it flat).

7 thoughts on “Folding a quilt…

  1. I learned this method years ago from a friend… makes quite a difference, especially when traveling or shipping quilts. I just wish, shows & magazines etc. would use this method when returning quilts…..You should start a campaign!


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