More from Michigan…

Charlevoix, MI, is a lovely resort town. We did a walking tour of the “mushroom houses” designed by architect Earl Young. These houses are happy! The owner of this house was outside and we got to visiting. He and his family are from Austin, TX. He invited us in to see the house – what a treat! The house is tiny and quirky – perfect for a summer home.

The mile long drive into Charlevoix is lined with petunias on both sides of the street.
This young woman was outside a restaurant, luring in diners. I would seriously love to have those striped tights. But not the dress.

This mosaic was outside of a restaurant. Very cool.We had dinner with friends, Jackie and Jerry, at their house on Torch Lake. It was so much fun! Jackie helped me find petoskey stones on the lake shore (mostly she found them for me). Petoskeys are the state stone of Michigan. Steve and Jerry went sailing. Where the color of the water changes, the lake bottom drops from about 5′ to 200′. Torch Lake at its deepest is 300′. It’s so very clear and blue – it makes our lakes at home look like mud pits.

4 thoughts on “More from Michigan…

  1. I am so happy you are enjoying your stay in beautiful Michigan! Thank you for sharing this on your blog too! I am quite proud of my state despite it's economic hardships at present!


  2. We vacationed every year in aug. on torch lake at fritz's cabins what a treat to hear you are having a great time
    It is the best… did you get to shop
    at the Mole Hole and hopefully
    Sadies' doughnut hole shop is still around she has great pies too.
    loved to walk and tour the mushroom houses they are a blast..


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