Michigan flowers….

What is this flower? It might be some sort of lily.
These white flowers were big – 8″ across or so. The petals seemed sheer. Is this a peony? It does not grow in my part of the world.
I think this is a lady slipper…
Even the dandelions are pretty here.

7 thoughts on “Michigan flowers….

  1. Yes, that is a peony…you can tell by the leaves. I have one of these in my Metro-Detroit Michigan garden in a deep burgandy. They are frilly and delicate compared to other peony varieties. I am glad you are enjoying your Michigan stay…your pictures are showing why I love the state I live in.


  2. The top flower is a Salpiglosis it grows a lot like a petunia, but more upright. I love them and even have a chocolate one and a bright yellow. They are more of an annual grown from seed.

    Nice pictures. I've never been to Michigan.


  3. Thanks for the flower info. It's amazing how many flowers don't grow where I live – where it's so much hotter. Or maybe what's more surprising is how many flowers grow in so many different climates.


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