A big day in NYC…

There are lions guarding the entrance to the NYC Public Library. These guys are resting where the ones in front of the Art Institute of Chicago are in mid-step… but they are about the same size. Notice the pigeon on this fellow’s head.

We did more people watching in Times Square. It is my sincere hope that I am not nearly as interesting to look at as many of the folks we saw are.

If the trash is from a store with pretty boxes, it can be a little bit festive… This pile made me think of Christmas.

There is an installation piece at the MOMA by Song Dong called “Waste Not”. Turns out that these items all came from his now-deceased mother’s house. That is the skeleton of her house with the items. Seriously, if this doesn’t get you get rid of the junk in your house, what will?

I enjoyed the look of the empty toothpaste tubes but I am not going to make my own set at home.

And I shopped for fabric in the garment district! I am very lucky that Steve was with me and carried my purchases all day long. I found out where to go from a page on Paula Nadelstern’s web site. The shop in the photo below is N. Y. Elegant Fabrics (not on Paula’s site but it’s near the shops that were). Oh my, it was huge and full of luscious stuff. I did buy some cotton (great big red dots on white), and some etched fuschia velvet. It made me wish I had time to make more garments.

3 thoughts on “A big day in NYC…

  1. My mother was a dressmaker. When it was time to make something special (prom dress, wedding dress, etc), we would take the subway to the garment district to buy fabric. This is the way I remember fabric stores looking. Thanks for the memory.


  2. Love the NYC Library lions. It's our family tradition that when guests come to visit and we take them to “the city” we take pictures of everyone at the library with the lions. Funny how our kids have grown in the pictures!


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