Visit the Artgirlz blog…

I had a few moments in the hotel room to blog surf. I checked the Artgirlz blog to catch up on posts I missed. I found their post on the color turquoise and it made me oh-s0-happy! I especially love this photo with the stripes in reflected in the pool water.

There are so many good blogs out there and you are reading this so you know that. I’d like to encourage you to talk to your friends and see if they, too, are blog surfing. If not, tell them what you like about it and encourage them to join the fun. They will thank you for it later.

2 thoughts on “Visit the Artgirlz blog…

  1. Oh I do blog surf 🙂 I will go to someone's blog, and see another one on their blog roll, and then it dominoes from there! But then that is how I find a lot of blogs that are good but not as well known. Thanks!


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