Little blocks are fast!

I've often told classes that it takes longer to applique little tiny pieces than it does "normal-sized" pieces. That's true for quilters who are beginning to intermediate appliquers. But I can honestly say that if you know what you're doing, appliqueing these 5" blocks is fast. I'm spending 2-3 nights per block. I know it took me 5-8 nights to sew each of the bigger blocks. I stitch 2-3 hours each evening.


You can see the the sashing and inner borders that I think I'll be using. I'm doing my best to make this mini quilt look as much like it's full-size cousin as I can.

PassionFlwers_01 copy

9 thoughts on “Little blocks are fast!

  1. I love this joyful little quilt. I’ve always wanted to try a red background. This might give me an opportunity to do just that. BarbR =!=


  2. Barb – Go for it! This is a fun quilt.
    Vicki – Yes, you can!
    Anne – If you are scared of color, copy what I did and “tweak it” with your own ideas. As you make more quilts, you will become more confident.
    Brenda – I mostly use the White General’s Charcoal pencil that we have on our website. On darker fabrics I use either the Ultimate Mechanical pencil or the Sketch and Wash pencil.


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