Making necklaces…

I got an idea from Heather Bailey's blog. She let her 4-year-old daughter, Charlotte, loose in her good beads. Charlotte did a great job and it made me realize that I've been holding out on 7-year-old Elanor. I've given her "little girl" beads when we all know the big girl beads are way better.


I separated my jumbled beads into different colors so that it would be easier for her to see what was there. We used Tiger Tail which is stiff enough not to need a beading needle.


She was really careful with the little pans of beads. So who spilled them? I did!


She's really happy with her necklace and it looks lovely on her! And, if (when) she tires of it, we can take it apart and use the beads in other projects.

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