Check out our interview at SEWN…

Sf2small Sarah Fielke has posted an interview with me @ It's a good interview and I hope you enjoy it! Sarah lives in Australia and here is what she says about herself:

I'm a quilter,
a teacher, a designer and an author, but most of all I'm mum to my two
Most recently I was co-owner of Material Obsession in Sydney, Australia
– right now though, I'm doing my own thing as well as being the
creative director of SEWN. Here's where I'm going to tell you all about

Some of you know Sarah from her wonderful books, Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2. I love these books! Sarah's blog, The Last Piece, is happy and colorful and fun to follow.


2 thoughts on “Check out our interview at SEWN…

  1. Good interview. And, it sounds like you and Linda have some good books coming out in the future. The Whimsical Quilt Book sounds interesting.


  2. Nice interview. The new books sound fun. It’s always exciting to see the new quilts that you put in the books. With regard to the interview, I have a question about one of the quilts pictured. In the top row of pictures, the quilt at the far right. It’s the one that looks like four fruit trees in pots. What is that quilt called? Which book is it from? Thanks, Jay


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