John Flynn on the Alzheimer Quilt Smackdown!

John Flynn tells a good story! Here he is:

"I would like to use this opportunity to announce the very first World Quilt Federation, AKA WQF, “Smackdown”. This will be the quilting equivalent of a no holds barred cage fight refereed and administered by Ami Simms to benefit the Alzheimer’s research project.

SmackdownThe participants will be; Hollis Chatalain, Becky Goldsmith, Sue Nickels, and myself.  We were not chosen by anyone to stage this ultimate contest, it developed at a dinner party that spun out of control. First there was a fairly civil discussion about whose quilt donated to The Alzheimer’s priority project had brought the highest price. We were unable to figure this out among ourselves so we went to the source, Ami Simms. Ami did not answer any of the four of our phone messages about this critical issue. She had the lame excuse of being at the Penguin’s- Red Wing’s Stanley cup playoff game. With no help from Ami we decided that the only fair way to settle the discussion was to have a head-to-head no rules contest the winner to be determined by the highest auction price.

This contest will be unlike any other contest in quilt history in that there will be no rules. We all agreed on a size limitation but I do not exactly trust anyone to adhere strictly to or even remember accurately the guidelines set forth late on the evening of the dinner party that started all of this. What I do expect is that you will see and have the opportunity to vote on with your pocket-book the best work each of us is able to produce in our own style in the allotted time.

The four Smackdown quilts will be revealed for the first time at the Alzheimer’s booth during the Houston Quilt festival.  The auction will take place on the Alzheimer’s website in mid-November and ending when the ultimate Smackdown winner is declared."

John has started his quilt. Y ou can see the beginnings of it on John's blog. It's very good. You can scroll down this blog to see photos of my quilt in progress. I have a great deal of respect for my fellow participants and I know that each quilt will be marvelous – I just want mine to be the most marvelous!

Please do tell your friends about this auction. The more money that is raised for Alzheimer's research, the better.

2 thoughts on “John Flynn on the Alzheimer Quilt Smackdown!

  1. awesome idea!! my FIL has Alzheimers… it’s something I’d love to see eliminated from the world.
    Sorry to have not had time to chat at Hershey!! I was at Long Beach while you were at Knoxville!!


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