Centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner…

The rehearsal dinner is one week away! I went to work yesterday on the centerpieces. I saw some centerpieces recently that mixed tall sticks in glass vases with short logs that were drilled to hold votive candles. I liked the little logs a lot  and decided to use that idea. Steve cut several cedar logs…


He then cut them with the miter saw to make them level and 10"-12" tall. He stripped the bark by hand and cleaned them up with a wire brush.


I cut the daisies to the correct height and we stapled them to one side of each log. Actually, Steve stapled them.


I tied a cute yellow tulle bow around each flower-studded log. I've borrowed some mirrored tiles that are nice. I've got some pretty acrylic "diamonds" that would add some wedding-flavored bling at the base of each centerpiece.


Or I might not use the mirrors. When all of the centerpieces are on all the tables I'll be able to see which what looks best.


Lemons scattered on the table around the centerpieces could be fun! I didn't think that up all by myself – I saw it at A Cup Of Jo.


2 thoughts on “Centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner…

  1. I like your idea of the cedar logs with the daisy’s. Too cute! You might try a gingham ribbon and polished stones around a grouping of different height logs too. Where will the rehearsal dinner be?


  2. The rehearsal dinner will be in a 1940’s house that our church owns, across the street from the church the wedding will be in. It is a lovely house – very inviting. The tables are round with white tablecloths. I’m keeping the decorations as simple as I can so that the cleanup afterward won’t take too long. And no candles because it’s just too hot in TX right now for open flames!


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