I found one wedding-related photo…

Here is one in place. I’d share a photo of the whole room, ready to go, but I didn’t get a good photo of that.


The acrylic “diamonds” on the mirror added some nice bling. We put a tiny battery-powered light in the marbles in all of the round vases for an added glow. It was fun!

(FYI – Those of you who attend fall quilt market will see them in our booth if you look close.)

3 thoughts on “I found one wedding-related photo…

  1. Very nice! What kind of tiny light did you use? Sounds like something fun to use. Was it the kind that looks like a tea-light?


  2. I bought these little tiny bullet-shaped (and sized) lights. They are designed to be put into balloons. The batteries are already inside and are sealed in.
    Celia found some that were a different shape. They all stayed lit for a surprisingly long time.


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