My Alzheimer’s Smackdown quilt is done!

It's finished and I think my quilt is a contender to win the 1st ever Alzheimer's Art Quilt Smackdown (are you listening Hollis, Sue, and John!) It is up to all of you to bid the price of my quilt into a first place win. Ami hasn't given us a date yet, but I'll let you know more as I know more. For now, here's a detail shot of my (winning) quilt. The block is 5" x 5", hand appliqued and machine quilted.

PassionFlowerMini-04 copy

11 thoughts on “My Alzheimer’s Smackdown quilt is done!

  1. Your quilts always put a smile on my face. Their always so happy! And, we often need more “happy” in our lives. Thats why I love to quilt.


  2. I believe polka dots and bright colors are fast becoming your trademark!!! What an adorable “mini” quilt with such a tremendous purpose. I will watch out for the information to bid. Judy C in NC


  3. I so enjoy your blog and I love that you are participating in the Alzheimer’s Quilt program. And I agree with the poster who says your quilts make her smile… me too!


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